Martha Stewart Idea

Reading through the latest Martha Stewart Living Magazine I found an interesting short article about sending cards and I thought it was a timely share.

Question: I like the idea of sending out holiday cards but am not sure when I’ll fit it in this year. Are there any shortcuts that are appropriate?

Answer: "We’re all in the same speedboat around the holidays, so people appreciate the thought and effort of anyone who sends cards, whether or not she appends a leisurely personal note. An increasingly popular solution is cards preprinted witha  greeting such as "Happy Holidays from the Chamberlains." When the card is a photograph of your family, this seems fine, but, preprinted nonphoto cards are about as personal as the ones your dentist mails. Never send one out without at least a handwritten touch, like a "Dear Sally" above the photo, says Diane Gottsman, founder of the Protocol School of Texas. And it’s best to add a warm sign-off. Using computer-printed labels with a festive design can save time (and your hand), but be certain that your card won’t be mistaken for junk mail. Sometimes all it takes to make a card stand out is a pretty stamp."


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