Founders Circle -Day 3

Day 3 of the Founders Circle Trip was the longest of them all. We got on a bus around 7am and only returned around 10pm. The trip was worth it, but, I was so ready to get off the bus at the end!!!

I got to sit with Jennifer Cotton on the bus and we chatted the whole way…it made the bus ride actually go by much quicker that way. I love how going to this trip, I get to meet amazing people I would never had met before and we get to become good friends!

We started by going to Kanab, Stampin' Up!'s manufacturing facility and were welcome by their amazing staff with signs and high 5's.


We are not allowed to take photos inside the facility…but, I'm here to say that Stampin' Up! is a truly amazing company that continuously strives to work smarter not harder. The process changes each year and just keeps getting better!

The picture below is in the lobby of Kanab with Cynthia Millan, Maggie Patterson & Kay Smith.


We enjoyed a great lunch  and then hopped back on the bus to go to our secret destination. They always like to keep it a surprise!

Our secret destination and event was a leisurly boat ride through the Glen Canyon (Colorado River).

We spent about 3 hours on the boat, though we did get to get off half way through to explore a bit and stretch our legs. Once we were done, we picked up our dinners that came in these beautiful bags and hopped back on the bus to watch a movie and chat!

Want to see another swap card? Here's a elegant card made by Penny Thomas. 

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