Birthday Card Contest Winners

This past weekend was my birthday and to celebrate I posted a card contest on my blog. I said I’d pick my 2 favourites for winners…but, instead-I let my 2 oldest kids pick and you know what?! They are the true kids of a stamper!

I asked the individually to pick their 2 favourites AND they picked the same 2!!! Isn’t that funny?! So, here are the winners:

Congrats to Genevieve Martel, one of my awesome downline from Quebec! Here’s the card she created:

The second winner…excites me and I’m so glad my kids picked her !! I was sent a contest entry by Melissa Hanlon from AUSTRALIA!! It’s the first mail I’ve ever received from Australia and even the postage stamp excited me! Here’s her entry:

Thanks to everyone for the cards and wishes. I had a great birthday! Melissa and Genevieve, I’ll be sending a special treat shortly!

Before I go, I just have to show you the cutest picture ever…I just can’t help it. My son, GRADUATED from Senior Kindergarten last week and he was so excited to be going into grade 1. I can’t believe how big they get so quickly!!! Here’s a cute photo of him accepting his diploma:

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great stamping day!   Josee
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  1. Oh my gosh, thanks so much for bearing great kids, Josee! I had a lot of playing around, and glad you received the card!


  2. Hi Josee,

    I’m an Aussie and friend of Mel’s!! We are both Su demos here in Australia!! I just have to say that I LOVE her card and am so glad that she has won a little treat! She is just the loveliest girl and deserves it!!


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