Day 2-Holiday Extravaganza + A new look…what do you think?

So, did you notice that STAMPING JO.COM has a new look? There’s still some small modifications to make…but, it’s pretty much done! Thanks to Sara from Tweaks & Designs for working with me on this project! Ok…so, she did all the work and I got to say "yes or no". 🙂

Let me know what you think of the look?! I think it’s fun-don’t you think?

So, this is DAY 2 of the big sale…I’ve had quite alot of customers already take advantage of these sales….how can you resist?! If you haven’t look yet, make sure you check out the SALES FLYER and the PICTURES of the bundles that are on sale!

Can you imagine???? Bundles from 20-50% off…this is the first time I’ve seen Stampin’ Up! do this. AND yes, I’m shopping too…I know, so people think I own EVERYTHING in the book…but, I really don’t! Some of the sale items have been on MY WISHLIST for a while and I really can’t resist any longer!

Why shop with the crowds when you can SHOP FROM HOME!

Hope you’re having a fantastic day! Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!


  1. Oh I think it’s adorable! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hey Josee! Your new look is fantastic!! I love it!

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