Got to check out this video!! Hilarious

Hi friends, today is a short post…I'm trying to finish off my 120 cards I have to make for the Founder's Circle Trip in a week and a bit and also for some of my CLASSES coming up.

We also had a scary night last night, my son had an anaphylactic reaction to something he ate at a party and we had to give him an epipen and rush him to the hospital. Thankfully all is ok today, but, it was quite an awakening for us. I have to admit, we had become a little lax about letting him eat questionable foods, but, not anymore. Believe me, I am hugging my kids lots today!!! We had amazing paramedics, doctors and nurses!

Today I thought I'd share an adorable video created by Stampin' Up!… 

Stampin' Up!'s gone a little crazy with our FREE ribbon! It's time to go "Back to Spool."

To find out how to get YOUR free ribbon, click here



  1. Susan Forget says:

    Hi Josee:

    So happy your son is fine now. Thankfully you had an up-to-date epipen .
    Your all breathing a little easier today. What a scare.

    As you know I have not ordered much lately but will in the fall. I'm very busy  getting our home ready for market in the spring. I would love to keep you as my stampin  rep once I'm in Cornwall.

  2. Yvonne Cormier says:

    LOL…. that is sooo coooool!!!! I always enjoy your emails… they are so inspiring!  One of the reason you are so successful.  {Sorry to hear about your son, our grandson is 9 and we are still on our toes because as you have encountered, you never know when or where it can happen.}  Have a great day! 🙂

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