STAMPIN’ GIRLS GONE WILD – Embossing with Framelits…Create Your Own Shim!


Hey everyone- this is Connie!  It's my favorite day!  Today is STAMPIN' GIRLS GONE WILD DAY!  Today I get to hijack Josee's website and share a little fun project from across the border.


I always want to share with Josee's friends the very best.


Well, have you ever had creative block?  I just didn't like anything that I made.  Then I had one of the "3 o'clock in the morning" ideas (yes, I am tired now) and couldn't wait to share it with you.  

I am excited to show you how to create a special shim so that you can convert your Framelits into Embossing frame.  What do you think??  Some of those Framelits are so amazing so why not emboss with them too.  The best part is, the shim can be used over and over again AND you probably have the supplies you need to make it sitting in your stamp room!


Check out her VIDEO…..(if you're viewing this by email, click here to see it!)



The supply list is short!  Here is what I used to create the shim:


Silicone Craft Sheet    127853

Anywhere Glue Sticks     104045

Oval Framelits     129381


If ordering from the USA, order from Connie

If ordering from Canada, order from Josee 



WOW….what an amazing tip from Connie!!!


  1. Kay Smith says:

    Thank you Connie and Josee! Great video! i am so happy to know how to do this! Loved your card too Connie! Hugs Kay

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