Stamping Tip: Trimming your stamps


Now that many of the Stampin’ Up! stamps come Die-Cut, it’s easy to think that you don’t have to trim your stamps. I know that many Die-Cut stamps really don’t need the extra trimming as they really are close to the image BUT sometimes a stamp needs that extra bit of work to make it stamp without a "shadow"…you know what I’m talking about, right? Those nasty little lines that appear around your images when you stamp them on your paper.

Today’s Tip show’s you how to trim your stamps so you don’t have to worry about those lines.

Here’s how the Stampin’ Up! Die Cut rubber starts. You just get to just POP them out of the rubber. For trimming, you’ll need a very sharp pair of scissors….and I can honestly say-if you’ve had trouble with this step in the past-you’ll want the Stampin’ Up! Craft and Rubber Scissors on page 192. They really do cut like BUTTER!

Ok so once you’ve popped it out…if you find that the edges have a lot of left-over rubber like this, you’ll want to trim the image a bit before mounting it to the wood block supplied.

Grab out your scissors and start cutting around your image. (Because you want the rubber and foam mount to be equal size, make sure you keep your scissors perfectly vertical.)

Once your done, the edges of your stamp won’t look as smooth, but, I guarantee that you’ll get better images on your paper!

Hope you enjoyed this tip!

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