Stamping Jo TV: Circle Cutter Plus

Love to make circles??? You’ll love the Circle Cutter Plus! It took a little bit of ‘doctor-ing" to make me truly LOVE it as it had a bit of wiggle. But, with 5 minute of work…I’m positive that you’ll love it too! Just follow the instructions in my video and you’ll find you’ll have the tricks to make it work perfectly!

(sorry for the glare on my video…I’m working on a better spot to tape them)


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Now for the magic of circle making…check out this card….don’t you LOVE IT??? This is a card we’re making at Laura and Sandy’s stamping parties next week. It’s hard to see from the picture, but, each cupcake top is full of glitter! I got the idea from a beautiful card I received in the mail from my thoughtful downline Catherine Cote from Montreal. I love her card so much…I had to make one too! 

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Circle Scissor Plus
Item # 112530
Price: $37.95

Description: Making circles has never been easier! With the Circle Scissor Plus you can quickly make circles from 1" to 6".




Glass Mat 13" x13"
Item # 112531
Price: $24.95

Description: The glass mat allows the blade to glide smoothly as you cut with the Circle Scissor Plus.




Crazy for Cupcakes Stamp set
Item # 111618
Cost: $28.95






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  1. That was a great tutorial Josee! I am just loving catching up on how much your blog has changed and grown over the last few months!!
    Fantastic tips 🙂

  2. GREAT tutorial, Josee. I’ve been planning to order the circle cutter and now I can do so with confidence. Thanks for your help.

  3. Thanks for sharing the tips on the circle cutter, Josee. I will doctor mine also, as soon as I get it. I am honored that you CASEd my card and thanks for the lovely compliment!

  4. Lucky you, you have received your Circle Cutter! Mine is still on backorder…

    Thanks for the great tutorial, it’ll be good to know how to use it right away once it ships!


  5. Cute, cute, cute card!

  6. Hi Jolee,
    Watched your circle scissors demo for inspiration. I was wondering how you line up the second circle so it has the same arc as the first one or do you just make a complete circle and cut the edge off? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks a bunch!

  7. Michelle Lamontagne says:

    Thanks Josée for the very interresting video on Circle Scissor Plus. Congratulations for your blog…I love spending time there.

  8. waaaaw very nice

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