Happy April Fool’s Day

In honour of this silly day….I thought I’d have a FUN ONE-DAY SPECIAL!

I’ve picked out some of Stampin’ Up’s silliest sets and for today only I’m putting them on sale!!!

Purchase one of these sets at 10% off; buy 2 and get 15% off; buy 3 and get 20% off!!!*

Owl Together Now (Item #111534) pg. 44 Reg. $35.95 
Totally Tool (Item #113256) pg. 47 Reg. $30.95
Animal Crackers (Item #113395) pg. 49 Reg. $23.95
Classy & Fabulous (Item #113226) pg. 51 Reg. $22.95
Humour in Heels (Item #111652) pg. 53 Reg. $31.95
That’s funny (Item #113250) pg. 63 Reg. $28.95
Teacher’s Pet (Item # 111554) pg. 73 Reg. $22.95
Under the Stars (Item#111556) pg. 103 Reg. $35.95

To order these sets and take advantage of this special, just email me  or give me a call at 613-836-4973

AND remember….this is not a joke!!!

* tax & shipping will be calculated on the price before the discount.

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