DIGITAL FRIDAY: My Christmas Card reject! :)

As I'm sure many of you are…I'm working on getting ready for Christmas! We don't have our tree yet, but, some of decorations are out. Tomorrow night is my Christmas party for my team. I really have been blessed with a great bunch of friends through my stamping business! I'm definitely never lonely! 🙂 They're truly a fun bunch and tomorrow we're sharing a potluck dinner and are doing a Chinese gift exchange. Woohoo…Time to steal some gifts! I have mine actually finished…aren't you proud?! I'll take some photos of all the gifts tomorrow night and share it with all of you next week. 

You know..I would LOVE for you to join our group!  It's EASY, no commitment, A GREAT deal, you'll get a discount off everything you purchase, and you can come join us for fun events each month!!!! January has an awesome deal and all you have to do is email me and I will hook you up!!! Or check out my information page here!  

Today my 2 year old & I even got some Christmas shopping done….it seems each year, I finish all the Christmas stuff so late that I'm trying hard to be organized. I bought a couple gifts for my kids, one for my hubby and one for me…hee, hee! I picked up my photo cards at the same time. I created them with My Digital Studio and then got them printed at a photolab! It was super easy! It's not too late to ask Santa for your own My Digital Studio!!! 🙂

Here's the picture I "didn't" use on my card. For the real one, I'll keep it a secret until I've sent them out. So,,,here's the rejected card…lol. I still love this one, but, we chose to add a photo of the whole family…yes, sometimes parents are in the picture!

HELPFUL TIPS on creating a 4×6 photo card

  • Open up a 6×6 card
  • Select a square punch and size it to 4×6. Either colour fill or paper fill your punch shape.
  • Add a photo box and size it to the size you would like.
  • Double click on it to select your photo. (I then clicked on photo effect and changed it to B&W)
  • Add embellishments and text
  • Export the project as a jpeg and upload it to your photo editing softward.
  • Crop off the white space (the 2" at the bottom)

All done! All you have left to do is send it to your local photolab and have them printed!!! It only cost me 15 cents each! WOW!!!




  1. Great card Josée…even thought it is the "reject" lol…and your kids are darling.  I must admit, the digital studio has me quite intrigued.  I look foward to see more of your ds projects.

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