Valentine’s Week: STAMPING WITH KIDS

Valentine’s Day is in 4 days…have you had your children stamp with you yet? My kids LOVE to stamp cards for their Dad and also some treats for their friends! I usually pick out a few stamp sets that they can use and then I allow them to pick their colours and I let them design it themselves. My son is not a big stamper, but, he does enjoy doing special cards here and there. His favourite part is hiding the card and seeing the person "find" it! It really gets him excited.

So, get your kids stamping with you!!!

Can I be the proud Mom for a minute?

Here is picture of my son stamping…can you see the intense concentration?! He has to get it just right!

Here’s the card he made for Dad:

Now my 8 year old daughter LOVES to stamp and loves to design her cards! Here’s the card she made AND designed! She even stamped the image…see how straight it is. 🙂 I’m so proud! She DOES love her glitter!

AND because the baby can’t stamp…I thought I’d share with you a cute photo of her sledding with us last weekend! It may look like we tortured her by the picture…but, I promise you…she really DID have fun! (We had quite the laugh watching her covering her face as she went down the hill!)

Thanks for letting me share a bit about my kids!!!


  1. Love the pics of your kids valentines. I stamp with my two youngest grandkids and we have a good time. Glad to see the baby is better and life is getting a little bit more normal. Nothing like kids or hubbies being sick to knock you down. Have a great Valentine’s Day. We will be getting ready for our DD’s Valentine’s BD dinner.

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