Founder’s Circle Trip- The last Day!

I have to say I’ve lost track of the days now…it went so quick at the end….here’s the final hightlights of my trip!

LAST DAY HIGHLIGHTS: Breakfast, some serious shopping, sitting by the pool reading a book (boy, life is hard), lunch, getting ready for our last night of fun!  


Need I say more….I had to buy a duffle bag to fit everything in! For someone who rarely shops, I had FUN!

Super cute, don’t you think?! This uses our Decor Elements  All in the Family! 

Our final dinner together! They even had mist on the outside to keep us cool! 

We weren’t allowed to open our little box until we could all do it together. The theme of our trip was "BLOOM" so, this represents blooming into something new & beautiful! The only problem is the butterflies were quite content to stay in their boxes. One of mine didn’t want to leave, so, we placed him on the flowers at our table and he kept us company during dinner!
We has such a beautiful sunset…ordered by Stampin’ Up! of course! Near the end of the night, the wind blew so strong that it nearly blew over a room divider!
My fabulous dinner companions! 

Near the end of the night, Shelli got a visit from UPS! We got to see some upcoming products and even got to pick one out! We were sworn to secrecy though…so, I can tell you in December! The new stamps are AWESOME!

Our final gift of the trip!

I love my new locket! I can’t wait to wear it!


p.s. My Sept. 25th Santa’s Coming Class is sold out….time to register for:


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