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Valentine’s Day is coming and…I’m feeling LOVING today so I thought I’d offer some fun BLOG CANDY!!! 

To enter:

Leave me a comment with your favourite Valentine’s Day memory and where you’re from and if you’re a demonstrator! (It’s always fun to know who’s reading my blog!)
I’ll draw 2 winners on Jan. 29th randomnly! To make it more fun…tell a friend to enter and if she wins…you’ll BOTH win!!! (Make sure she tells me in her comment that you sent her!)



What will you win?

A fun page CLASS BY EMAIL! 

In this CLASS BY EMAIL, you’ll receive full instructions with photo’s on decorating the Stampin’ Up! clipboards, votive/paperclip holder, decorated paper clips and a coordinating card. These projects feature the Always stamp set and Sweet Always Designer Series Paper (DSP). All the inspiration you need to keep your desk, counter or work area organized and looking great!



  1. My favorite Valentines day memory is not mine but one my grandma told me a few years ago she was 84 at the time and Grandpa was 94.While I was visiting her I seen a heart shaped metal thing with a handle attached to the side I asked her what it was for and she said she seen it on a infocommercial and bought it 5 years ago and “I make Grandpa valentine pancakes for him on valentines day.” How sweet is that. Also everyyear since I’ve been married 24 that is my DAD brings me a long stem red rose as well as my sister and sisterinlaws. Have to love your family as mine is pretty loving. demonstrator

  2. I am a demo in Nova Scotia.

    Several years ago, my husband who is a police officer pulled my car over on Valentine’s Day with full lights. I’m thinking that he needs something … like maybe some cash.
    Instead he walked up to my window, leaned in and gave me a kiss, a single long stemmed rose, said “I love you”. Then he just walked back to his car, leaving me sitting there speechless.

    This was so out of character for him, it really blew me away. A day I’ll never forget.

  3. I am not a demo… just a paper crafter. When I was a kid my Mom always packed lunches for school as there was no school cafeteria. The night before Valentine’s Day, after we went to bed, she made us heart shaped cookies which she decorated and wrote our names on.


  4. My husband came to the school where I teach and gave me a dozen white roses and a card. The surprise was in the card which HE made. He titled it “The Keller’s Golden Valentie”. Inside I found trip information for a vacation to the Golden Nugget in Vegas. It was the first trip we took without family members – a time I will never forget! Not a demonstrater.

  5. My husband (not at the time) lived in another city and flew me out to see him on Valentine’s day…I’ll never forget how shy and sweet he looked waiting for me at the airport leaned up again a pole holding a rose. We had only been dating about a month. It just melted my heart. I’m thinking of joining up as a demonstrator. Any advice??

  6. ah! i must be the most horrible person but i don’t remember any previous Valentine’s Day!! I’m sure i had some nice ones but it seems that my memory is so horrible that i forget! I will try and ensure I make a memory this year though… for moments like these!

    (I’m from Gatineau)

  7. My favorite Valentine day was the first one with my first daughter. 🙂 I’m a demo 🙂

  8. My favorite Valentine Day memory is easy to remember. My DD was born on Valentine’s Day. If for no other reason, that makes it special for us. A few years ago, my husband and I renewed our wedding vows on Valentine’s Day. I was a demonstrator – not now.

  9. My favorite valentines memory is when my husband and I were not yet married, I came home from work and he had 24 roses with a little note attached to each saying why he loved me leading ot my kitchen table were there was a LeLO and Stitch doll, that is the first movie we ever saw, (hey that was the only thing on TV on night). I knew then that I would marry him. I still have these cards six years later.

    I am a demonstrator and I live in POrt perry ontario

  10. my favorite valentine’s day was when my husband took my kids to the store to buy my flowers but they could not agree on the type of flower (TYPICAL) so they each bought one. Boy did I ever win, it is the only time I can think of that I loved it that they disagreed. I live west of Chicago, I am a demo and I love to read your blog. beth g.

  11. I am a demo from London Ontario.
    My favourite Valentine’s day was when my Hubby (boyfriend at the time) said we were going out for dinner. I was really excited as I wanted to try this one restaurant that we were always talking about going to and thought that is where we were going. We started our drive and he was turning all the wrong way to get to the restaurant so I figured that we were going somewhere else. I got a little disappointed and I think that he noticed it as he started to laugh and then started turning the right way. he thought that he was being a funny guy. It made the night great and I will always remember it.

  12. My favorite Valentine’s day was the one where my boyfriend (husband now) surprised me by visiting me in college and taking me out to dinner in a nice restaurant.

  13. Marie-josée says:

    je suis une démo de Trois-Rivières

    le plus beau jour de st-valentin sera cette année car c’est cette date que je ferais ma demande en mariage à l’homme qui est pour moi l’homme parfait, mon idéal. et comme il dit régulièrement que je suis bonne à marié ben c’est le moment idéal pour qu’il dise oui!!!

  14. Hi I live in the United Kingdom and I hope to join Stampin up! here as a Demonstrator in about 6 months, but for now I just love buying the goodies and replacing all my craft stuff with Stampin Up stuff. I think every valentines day is special as My husband seem to think that this is also our wedding Anniversary (actually it is the 24th of Feb), but then I do have a great hubby even when it is not Valentines day he always reminds me of how much he loves me by taking care of the small things. Like tea in bed every morning, breakfast in bed every Saturday and flowers that last all year. I do not get bouquets but he replants the garden at the beginning of every season with my favourite flowers. We have been together for 8 years now and he has not once let me down. I am a really lucky lady.

  15. Wanda Ganner says:

    My favorite valentine’s memory is when my husband surprised me and booked us a room at a honeymoon suite in our town, the hotel called us the day before to let us know that the water didn’t work in that room so was unavailable to be rented. The cat was out of the bag so to speak but he instead booked us a room in a honeymoon suite in a city 2 hours away!!! It was way nicer than the one in our town!! My daughter Felicia Ganner sent me to this site.

  16. My birthday is on Feb 16 so my husband and I combine Valentine’s day and my birthday. Before we were married, he got tickets to see Mama Mia and booked the hotel (which was right downtown TO and was great) and made all the arrangements. It turned out that I wasn’t feeling the greatest that weekend but he did everything he could to help me have a good time. Even though I knew we were going, it was still nice to have someone else organize everything!
    I am a demo in Port Elgin, Ontario.

  17. Hi Josee
    I am too late for the draw but I still wanted to say GREAT VIDEO .
    Tom and I starting going out together on Valentine’s day many, many, years ago and we had our Wedding cake in the shape of a heart to celebrate that special moment that will remain deep in our hearts forever.
    june club member

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