Announcing an exciting new Product Line from Stampin’ Up

Yesterday Stampin’ Up! announced an exciting new product called Décor Elements. These exciting new products will be an exclusive line of self-adhesive, wall art made from vinyl.

This new line of products will work almost like Rub-On but they are on a larger scale and can be used for your walls and anywhere you need a little design element in your home. They’ll 100 different images including Quotes, Images and Alphabets featured in chocolate, white and craft colour and 2 different sizes. 

You’ll be able to use them on your walls, door frames, windows, frames, tiles, plates, etc.

Just imagine the possibilities: decorating your child’s room with their name or SU style images, an inspirational quote in living room and they’ll be images perfect for your craft area!
Beginning July 1st you can order self-adhesive Vinyl Wall Decorations from Stampin’ Up, so give me a call and be one of the very first to host a Home Decor party with these amazing, easy to use Decor Elements.
Decor Elements are extremely easy to use and easy to remove when you want to change your look again! You’ll be able to coordinate your decor with the season’s! How fun! 
I’m placing my first demonstrator pre-order today and can’t wait to decorate my stamping studio and home and show you the pictures!! 

 Would you like to see the brochure?

Please email me for your own copy! (I am unable to post it online until July 1st as per SU rules) 
Special Offer: 10% off PRE-ORDER on this new product line from now through July 1 when it will begin shipping. ALSO any orders over $100 net will include the applicator for free! (Canadians order only).


Have you seen the brochure? Join my Online Poll:
1) Which is your favourite of the designs?
2) Where could you see adding some Décor Elements in your home?
Click here to let me know!

 Have a great stamping day!   Josee


  1. Sherry Mackay says:

    I love the new Décor Elements…what a great idea! I will definitely be putting the “create” definition in my scrapbooking nook. I also really like that you can order letters separately to create your own words of inspiration or phrases. Looking forward to seeing your photos!

  2. I like the organic outline and lollipop flowers. i think it would be great for the front entrance of my house!

  3. No, I’m sorry to say I don’t care for this line, it’s something that’s been out in the market for over 10 years and I’m also one that doesn’t care for wallpaper or borders. I’m sure I’ll be in the minority, but that’s what makes the world go around, right?

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