An update & a sale from Josee

Hi friends! Sorry I've been MIA again….lots has been going on around here. We've had a school christmas concert already with rehearsals to bring kids to. All my kids go to Springs Academy here in Winnipeg and the production they did was called: "It all happened in the country". The show was absolutely AMAZING. My oldest daughter had a bit of a solo and I'm so happy she did NOT get her voice from me…she actually sounded wonderful on stage. I know I'm partial, but, they were so cute on stage!

  We had a mini photo session with Lindsay from She did an amazing job and I was able to select one of the group photos for this year's photo card! I ordered my photo cards through Stampin' Up! this year using My Digital Studio and I just can't wait to receive them!

Hope you are all doing well, I'll be back soon with samples to show you, I promise…PLUS I have a few ideas up my sleeve…so come back to check out what's coming up!

Before I go, here's my….

'Tis the season to shop at home and SAVE! As my gift to you, you will get free shipping on all orders over $60. You can order for yourself or for those on your gift list.

Don't want that dud gift again this year? Let your friends and family know about the sale, forward them your WISHLIST & you'll be sure to get the PERFECT GIFT this year!

Recommended date to receive your order before Christmas is Dec. 8th. Gift Certificates can be given for items that will not be received by Christmas!

PLEASE email  or phone in your orders as the Online Ordering system cannot recognize my personal sale. Sale until Dec. 15th.

Happy Shopping!


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