How to apply Decor Elements

From this:

to this:
in 8 easy steps!!!!

Step 1: Take out all supplies and lay the decor elements with the grid side up. I kept mine there for a bit so that the "roll" goes out of it. Take your applictor and rub the grid side firmly enough to transfer the image to the imagining sheet.

Supplies: Applicator, Painter’s Tape, Level, and Decor Elements, Pencil

Step 2: Place your design on the wall where you want it and place painter’s tape on the edges to keep it on the wall. Right now, you are eye-balling whether it’s straight!

Step 3: Use your level to make sure it’s straight. I lifted the tape up just one side of the design and made that side level, then went to the other side.

Step 4: Lightly use your pencil to mark the corners only of your designs. (This is where I went a bit wrong, I was quite worried about getting it back on the wall correcly, that I put too many pencils marks and had a hard time getting them back off.)

Step 5: Remove your image from the wall, place on a flat table.) I taped this particular design down because it was so large, but, didn’t need to tape my smaller designs). Slowly remove the grid-side of backing from the corner and pull firmly until it is completely off. Tip: Check to make sure that your image is not sticking to the grid sheet, if this happens, lay it back down and use your applicator to rub it onto the transfer sheet. (Because this was a larger design, I also cut off part of the removed grid sheet once I was half way through.)

Step 6: Take transfer sheet to the wall ensuring that it doesn’t curl onto itself and stick together and match up your corners to the pencil marks. Smooth it out carefully with your hands from the middle out.

Step 7: Use the applicator to rub the image onto the wall. I started in the midde and went outwards. I also made sure that the edges of my design were well rubbed! (This is my 8-year old now that is helping!)

Step 8: Carefully start removing the top sheet making sure that the image has been fully transferred. Again, if you find that some of the image in staying on the transfer sheet, place it back down, rub more and peel again. Erase your pencil marks and YOU’RE ALL DONE!!!

Home Decor at it’s easiest!!!!

Hope you enjoyed my step by step, if you have any photo’s of what you’ve done with Decor Elements, I’d love to see them! Email me

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