Fun with Rub-On’s

Here’s a quick step-by-step


 Step 1: Carefully take your rub-on sheets out of the package making sure to keep the backing on. This will keep the rub-on’s from transferring onto other surfaces. TIP: Tape your ends together to keep your backing in place.











Step 2:

Use your Hobby Blade to cut out the image that you need for your project. Make sure you keep the backing on until you are ready to add the rub-on on your project!








Step 3: (Adding to a 3D object) Clean cup with alcohol and let dry. Take backing off and tape rub-on to mug so it doesn’t move until you’re done.  












Step 4: Use included stick and rub everywhere until you see the image release from the sheet. Rub in circular motion and make sure you get it everywhere. Slowly and carefully remove the top sheet. If you find some of the rub-on not stuck on…just put your top sheet back down and rub again.




Here’s the finished project: