Handmade Gift Exchange

At our team Christmas Party this year, we each brought a handmade gift to be exchanged – and the gifts shared were amazing!  

I received this beautiful angel, made by Trina St. Michel.  My eldest daughter was overjoyed with this ‘win’ and has made it well known that this angel is to become one of our most prominently displayed Christmas decorations both this year and in years to come!  Thanks so much Trina – you have made both my daughter and me very happy ladies this Christmas!

For my contribution, I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful lady at my church make this table runner for me.  The gloves were stamped (by me!) using the Punch Pals stamp set before being sewn on as part of this runner. Believe me, I was sad to part with this gift!

Have a HAPPY STAMPING Day!  Josee

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