Flight of the Butterly Video-my first one!!!

I’m thrilled to show you my first ever video…it’s a bit rough-but, I will get better for the next one! (I know I got the idea from somewhere and honestly had it saved but of course now can’t find it. Sorry ladies, this is going to be a New Year’s Resolution to find a way to better keep track….anyone have a tip on how they do this?)

This card was one of the ones we made at my "Thank You Card Class" last week and it was really fun to make. I’ll show you a close up of the photo at the end of this post. Hope you like it! 


 What did you think? Leave me a comment here  with ideas for other video’s you’d like to see in the future!

Here’s a close-up of the card:


  1. I really, really like this card! It is so pretty!

  2. Hi Josee,

    That was great! It’s amazing how much more you get out of a video than just pictures and instructions!

    Way to go!!!

  3. Karine Bailey says:

    This is a very nice card (I think I might CASE this!), great video!

  4. I really love your card! You did a good job with your very fist video!


  5. Wow! I absolutely love this card! I just got my Rasberry Tart paper, and now I’m just dying to use it. And I love the card-on-card thing!

    Great video! I can’t wait to see more!

  6. I love your card! Love the video : it shows how fun and easy this card really is. It will be my february WOW. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Irene Lanouette says:

    I just love, love, love videos. This was great as I am a visual learner – keep them coming!!! Beautiful card too!

  8. Thanks for the great card.

  9. Adorable!! love it so much! your artwork is always great!
    thanks for sharing !

  10. Cynthia McKellar says:

    Great video, Josee! Your card is adorable. Good job!

  11. Deb Duval says:

    Wow! I’m impressed. Good Job.

  12. I love this card! Fabulous

  13. Kris Turner says:

    Great job, Josee! The card is wonderful, and it’s great to see it created step-by-step, particularly for those of us who are “visual” people. Thanks for doing this! Kris, Wadsworth, OH

  14. Cherie Murphy says:

    Love it Love it! Keep us the nice work. The video was great!

  15. Loved your video! And your card is adorable. Nice job!!!

  16. Sherry Mackay says:

    Great job Josée! Love this stamp set…so pretty! Hope you keep the videos coming. I especially enjoyed seeing the Big Shot in action…it is definitely on my Wish List.

  17. very nice job, Josee. The card is adorable, nice set, beautiful paper, you used the Big Shot…it was great. I hope you continue with the videos. Remember not to talk while turning your head. [this is something we all have to learn in the beginning ]

  18. Kathryn Blair says:

    What a terrific job! You are a natural.

  19. Josee, This is awesome! I love the card and your instructions are clear. I know it’s not easy to make a video, trust me. Great start to I hope many others, Josee!!! Keep ’em coming 🙂

  20. Very pretty card. Thank you for starting a video series. I’m more of a visual person for instructions and this was a great video tutorial.

    Ter 🙂

  21. Great job on the video. I love the new paper pack and the colors. Looking forward to your next one.

  22. Bonjour Josée,

    C’est absolument magnifique ! Thanks for this great video.

    Nathalie 😉

  23. AWESOME JOSEE , Wow , the instuctions were so clear and and great visual too.
    Looking forward to more!!!!!!
    Love the card too,

  24. I first am not a demonstrator, but really enjoyed your first video. I’m hoping that you will make more card videos. The first thing in the morning, I grab my coffe and head to youtube. Keep them coming, you did a GREAT job.

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