Blog Candy Give Away!

22 days till Christmas and time for Blog Candy!!! 

Christmas is my favourite holiday. It’s such a wonderful time to reflect on the blessings of the past year, to prepare for a new year, to delight in family traditions and to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.

 My kids are just so excited and have started counting down the days till Christmas. This past weekend, I brought them to Kanata Baptist Church on for their annual Kids Shopping Day. The kids get to go into a gym full of gifts that they can buy for 25 cents to $3. This is the first year that my kids did this…and, they were so excited when they came out with wrapped gifts for everyone on their list. They are so cute about keeping their "secret"…they can’t wait to give out the gifts they bought themselves.

Ok….on to the FUN…..How to win this Blog Candy!

Leave me a comment with your favourite Christmas Tradition(s) for a change to win. Make sure you sign your name and where you’re from. You have until Dec. 10th midnight to post your comment. Good luck!



  1. I think my favorite tradition is when my kids leave cookies and milk for Santa- I just love how much they ‘believe’ and their expressions the next morning when there is only crumbs left!

    Sue T. Ottawa

  2. My Mom always made”Plum Pudding” IT would be steamed and ready for dessert , then you pour heated brandy over the plum pudding and light it with a match and a beautiful flame appears until all the alcohol is brunt off.
    I make a plum pudding every year for my in-laws and they love it.
    It is served with a carmel sauce and a hard sauce .

  3. My favorite holiday tradition is seeing the kids open their gifts Christmas morning. The looks on their faces of total excitement, happiness and joy is amazing. Its those looks I remember throughout the year when they give us dirty looks for making them clean up their messes, or when we take something away from them.

  4. Oops, I’m from Ottawa! lol

  5. Having been in our new house for only one Christmas so far, my fiance and I have yet to make anything a tradition! But so far, I love getting my pups up in the morning and seeing how they follow their noses to their stocking and promptly start pulling things out like they were a child – it’s priceless to watch!

    I also love the holiday music … listening to carols, while sipping hot tea and watching the snow fall, as the fireplace crackles in the corner is a great way to spend an evening. 🙂

    I’m from Gibbons, AB!

    Love the blog! 🙂

  6. Anna Black says:

    My husband and I married two years ago and recently had our first child, so we have yet to create our own family traditions! This year will be my daughter’s first Christmas, so a few memorable traditions will surely be created over the next few years. Opening gifts on Christmas morning, Mimosas, surprise-stuffed crackers with Christmas dinner, the majic and cheer of the season… I can’t wait! Oh, this was also my first year making hand-stamped cards and that, I know, will also become a yearly yultide tradition!

    Anna B.
    Ottawa, ON

  7. My favorite thing about Christmas is all the traditions we have! But my all-time favorite one is on Christmas Eve, we all light all the candles we have,sit around the fire with an orange and cider, and sing christmas carols together and read the christmas story. I’m going to school in Saskatchewan right now and am from Calgary.

  8. Becky Kwan says:

    Hi! I just found your blog! My favorite Christmas tradition is having a Christmas tree! I’m from Pasadena, CA! Becky K.

  9. My favourite holiday tradition is our “stocking stuffer day” It has grown over the years with the addition of husbands, children & dogs. My whole family that started with just 5(now counting with adults & children, 16!) We get together usually boxing day or sometime just after christmas and have our “little christmas” or stocking stuffer day” We come with bags of stuffers ranging in prices from $1 to $10 and play Santa. It is like Christmas all over again and how I love Stockings. I can’t wait and usually go overboard! Heather, Carp

  10. My favorite holiday tradition has always been driving around the city looking at the Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. There’s no blaring TV, no phone ringing, just us in the car altogether. We all get really busy during the holidays and this tradition forces us to slow down and enjoy the little things…like the work the neighbours put into their lights to make people smile as they drive by.

    Sue, Ottawa

  11. My favorite tradition is getting to whole family together to decorate the christmas tree and when all complete…then all lights switched off and a 1-2-3 christmas lights on. Thanks for a chance at this blog candy and may you have a happy holiday! Lavina, Honolulu, HI

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