Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild – The Ultimate Paper Cutting Guide

SGGW Wed FreebieHey everyone!  I am so excited to share with you a project that is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  It’s not a craft project but a template that is going to save you time and money.


Intrigued?  Well, rather than explain it, let’s get going with this quick video and it will explain it all!

If you are unable to view the video, CLICK HERE to view it online.

Here is the template!  Just download it and print off a few copies!

Click here>>> Download the Stampin' Gals Gone Wild

Other Versions:
Cardstock Cutting Guide for 12×12

2) Cardstock Cutting Guide- AUS

3) Cardstock Cutting Guide- UK

Thanks so much for checking out today’s Stampin’ Gals Gone Wild Wednesday Freebie!!!




  1. Hi Josee,

    I enjoy receiving and reading your weekly emails.

    I have emailed your sight directly but haven't heard from you . I wanted to know if I could place an order and pick it up at Creativfest on April 25-26. Through the updates sent from Creativfest I think you'll be there once again.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,


  2. Hi Fran, sorry, I must have missed your email, yes, you can for sure do that!
    I will be at the Creativ Festival….looking forward to it!

    Hugs, Josee


  3. pls I like to vise and have the cutting guide


    thnak you very much