Basket & Blooms Big Shot Tutorial

Bella Basket


Step 1: Create your "sandwich" as shown below! This is an important step!

Step 2: Put your sandwish through the Big Shot and turn your handle till it’s all the way through. Don’t be scared if you hear cracking…it’s an ok sound!

Step 3: Pop out your die-cuts from your paper!


Step 4: You’ll find a score mark on both sides of your basket, gently fold them them in. Add adhesive to one side and them press together with the other side of the basket. (I used Tombow Multi Purpose Glue, but, you could also use Sticky Strip). Hold together for a few seconds, then do other side.

Step 5: At this point, it will look like this without a bottom.

Step 6: Take bottom and fold the tabs in. You will see a circle score mark on the bottom, you can use this as your guide of where to fold from.

Step 7: Add Tombow Multi Purpose Adhesive to the tabs and carefully drop into your basket!

Step 8: Push basket flat to your table and use a Bone Folder to push the tabs up to the bottom (inside) of your basket.

  Decorate your basket!