Stampers Profit Pal Features

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Easy to use

 This program is so easy to use that even a person with little excel knowledge can use it! All the formulas have already been created for you and you just have to know how to enter numbers! It's really…as easy as pie! Don't worry…you can't "break" this spreadsheet, the cells which are not editable are all locked!

Track Income & Expenses on Monthly and Yearly basis

With your Stampers Profit Pal spreadsheet, you'll be able to quickly track your income and expenses by month and by year. You'll also have a visual pie chart that to show you your income/expense ratio.  


Works with all versions of MS Excel

The Stampers Profit Pal is compatible with Excel 2003 and newer.

Easily Track Expenses by Category

You'll be able to track exactly how much you spend on 40 specific Direct and Indirect expense categories. This will allow you to know at a glance exactly what you spend your money on and will allow you make good financial decisions for your business.

Keep track of your sales

With the sales tracker sheet, you'll be able to keep track of your personal sales & instant income; downline sales & income by level; income from classes; Stampin' Up! bonuses; volume rebates, etc. 

Summary Page

The beauty of the Stampers Profit Pal is that it gives you a personalized summary page where you can easily see your income/expense summary by month and by year. You'll even had a profit chart for each month and a year-to-date chart.

Printer Ready

All spreadsheet pages are formatted and ready to print; no set-up required!

Purchase your personalized Stampers Profit Pal for only $19.95CA (or upgrade for $4.99) and you'll be on your way to being a profitable Demonstrator!


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