Tea for Two by Terri Mills

Happy March Break….I have to say that I'm really enjoying this lovely weather and how the snow has been melting! I love spring, it's such a happy time of renewal. Now that we are back in Ottawa, it really does feel like a renawal for our family.

As of Friday last week, we are official house owners….well, we aren't in it yet…we get to move in on May 8th, but I am super excited! The fun part is that we get back from our Stampin' Up! disney trip on May 6th and basically get to move right into our house.  It was quite stressful the day we put in the offer as we didn't know if the sellers were going to accept it and it seemed like it took forever…but, I'm so thankful that it all worked out.  

This card speaks to me in so many ways…the details are great and the fact that I'm a tea drinker makes me love it even more!

Are you from Ottawa? Don't forget to sign up for my FREE Ottawa Class coming up on March 24th….I've already started planning the projects…you're going to love them!



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