ABC of the new catalogue!!! Letter D

Welcome to the new catalogue ABC’s! 

Today’s letter is D for Decor Elements

 I’m so in love with our Definetely Decorative Brochure which includes Decor Elements (Vinyl Wall Art) and Stencils…I just can’t get enough of them! If you haven’t checked out the brochure yet…click here to see it! 

One of my favourite new Decor Elements is the Upsy Daisies: It’s designed to embellish the lid of a laptop, but it lends itself beautifully to all kinds of decorative possibilities, such as walls and frames. Select one color or mix and match two or three—the choice is yours. 

Here’s my newly decorated Laptop…isn’t it pretty?!


Here’s another beautiful one featured in the brochure…(I wish now that "my" laptop was white) : 


The other one I’m going to put up in my house is the "EAT" one. It will go above my pantry door between my kitchen and dining room…I’ll have to share the picture as soon as I get it done! 

Make sure you check out our full line of Decor Elements and Stencils in the DEFINETELY DECORATIVE  brochure!

OPEN HOUSE REMINDER….please register before July 20th so I can have enough supplies on hand!






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