Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

oh my gosh-what a weekend!!!! If you’re local…can you BELIEVE all the snow we received? If you’re not local- here’s a news quote about our Ottawa Weather: "Mother Nature walloped Ottawa with 51 cm (21 inches) of snow over the weekend, paralyzing streets and sidewalks across the Capital." It was quite amazing!!! I’m so thankful our power stayed on and we had no where to go this morning.

My family took a drive around checking out the size of people’s snow banks and took some pictures…here’s a few of my favourites I just had to share:


My kids in front of our front yard (blinded by the sun….lol).


A car that hit the side of a snow bank and couldn’t get out. My dh got out to help…what a hero!  

I thought this was funny…the car (not ours) is buried in his laneway! I’m guessing it’s not his main car…at least I hope it’s not.

What a true Canadian (or Ottawa) Winter! I hope this weather gave you a chance to do some Scrapbooking and Rubber Stamping!!!! HOpe you’re having a fabulous and warm winter day! Josee


  1. Waouuhhh,it’s so beautiful.
    I also dreamed of a white winter like this,but in Paris it’s quite impossible because of the underground.
    Here ,today the only thing we had was a big big storm.
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. If you will believe it, the day you posted this, I was moving into my new house… Quite a challenge I’m telling you!! We had movers though, so things went rather well. Thank god we didn’t need to shovel it all by hand though!!

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