Organizing your Stampin’ Spots

One of my customers emailed me this great tip and I just had to share it on my blog! 

Here’s what she said:I purchased a 12 pc ink set (Stampin’ Spots) from you at the last party I attended.  You had mentioned about we should store our inks upside down.  I came up with an idea thought I’d pass it on to you for your customers.

Since the colours on the ink package are nowhere close to the beautiful colour of the ink, and we are to store them upside down, here’s my idea.  I used one of your small stamps, and stamped the same image with all the different colours in the box.  Then I punched them out with a square punch, and used a tab to secure it to the bottom of the ink pad.  That way I can see what colour it is, and it looks pretty in the box too!”

Thanks so much Samantha Cranke for this great tip! I was so excited, I had to use your idea for my Stampin’ Spots!

Stampin’ Spots

Happy Stamping,



  1. Very very good idea !!!!

  2. Wow! What a fantastic idea! I have mine all upside and it’s a drag to have to turn them to see what the color is. I might just copy it!
    You rock!

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