“My Crafty Friends Monday” – 2

Welcome to week 2 of "My Crafty Friends Monday!" 
Each Monday, I will be featuring different projects that have inspired me and I know they'll inspire you too!
Each project was created by different & amazingly  talented stampers-make sure you check out their blogs for more details and to check out their other amazing projects!!
(**Note…don't worry- I've contacted each stamper and allowed them to decline.) 



This week's "Crafty Friends" theme is: Spice Cake!  (Holiday Mini pg. 17-18)


Joanne Travis

Dacia Smith


 Elizabeth Price

Amy Klemo  (hand warmers/ cooling pack)

Brandy Cox

 I hope you've enjoyed this week's "My Crafty Friends Monday"!  Make sure you visit the talented artist's featured on this post!  

Come back next Monday to see more talented stampers!


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