Home Decor by Eryn!

One of my club members sent me these photo’s of her kids bedrooms and playroom. She used some of our alphabet stamps with craft ink to create words and sentences on the walls. Eryn said it was really easy to do as she was able to wipe off any mistakes with a baby wipe. AND even after it dries, if you get bored of it, you can clean it off with baby wipes.

All samples by Eryn Konkle

I just have to say how very much I LOVE stamping on walls with phrases and words! I’m going to have to come up with some of my own!

Thanks Eryn for sharing!



  1. What a great idea! Which ink was used for this project? What kind of paint finish is on the walls?

  2. That looks so awesome, Josee! Lots of work, but well worth it!

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