Stampin’ Up! Demonstrators- Get ready for taxes: Part 6 of 6

(Written by Tania Kronberg, co-Founder of Stampers Profit Pal)

Cleaning up… and getting ready for next year! (See Parts 1 -5 for all you missed!)

  1. Printed all four pages (Income, Direct Expenses, Indirect Expenses and Summary) of your Stampers Profit Pal.
  2. Take all your paper for each month from the file folders, clip them together with a binder clip and file them all in one folder marked Stampin' Up Taxes 2010.
  3. Save a new copy of Stampers Profit Pal and name it 2011.
  4. Keep your Jan – Dec folders and this year, file the receipts (income & expenses) in those folders right away! After the 15th of the next month, print out your Stampin' Up Activity summary.
  5. If you enter your Income & Expenses on a monthly basis in Stampers Profit Pal, you'll never have to play catchup again!
  6. Make goals- is there a particular area that you spent too much money on? Want to increase your income from a particular source? Use the information you learned about your business through Stampers Profit Pal to make some concrete goals for next year!

AND the best part is.. it's only MARCH!!


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