SIX months till tax time…

Friends, do you know where your money is? Have you made a profit this year? Where are you spending your money? Tax time is six months away, but if you start keep track of things now, imagine how easy it will be in the Spring!

My amazing downline Tania Kronberg and I designed a simple excel based tracking system for you to record your income and expenses on a monthy basis. It takes just a few minutes to update each month!

What are you waiting for? Check out for more info and to purchase your personalized copy for only $19.95CA

This is the program I've used for years and it has helped me know exactly what my business is doing for me!

This is what Stampers Profit Pal users have to say:

"I Love the Profit Pal!!  It has made doing my taxes so much easier!" Melissa R.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! This spreadsheet is AMAZING! I started entering numbers as soon as I downloaded the file and already I've lost that feeling of dread when someone mentions income taxes. I am definitely going to recommend this program to everyone on my team!"
Donna H.

"Thank you for the fast turn around…I have already started inputting my information…very easy to use." Holly M.



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