Tea for Two by Terri Mills

Happy March Break….I have to say that I'm really enjoying this lovely weather and how the snow has been melting! I love spring, it's such a happy time of renewal. Now that we are back in Ottawa, it really does feel like a renawal for our family. As of Friday last week, we are official {Read More…}

Bordering on Romance card

Hi friends! Happy Thursday….so far this week, we've probably looked at over 15 houses…and today we will go see 4 more. This house hunting thing is mentally draining…especially since I so desperately want a house to move into and set up my stamp room in! We have one potential house that we are considering purchasing…but we are going {Read More…}

a CUP OF THANKS by Lyssa Griffin Zwolanek

I just can't believe it's March…where does the time go?! I'm just thrilled that Spring will be here soon. I'm really not much of a winter fan…so I can't wait for the mild weather to arrive. Lyssa arranged a swap at leadership in January and this is the card she gave out. I really love {Read More…}

Thanks for Watching Over Me card by Meg Wheeler

Today's card is so beautiful, I wish you could see it in real life. It was made by Meg Wheeler who is part of the Advisory Board with me this year. I am so blessed to have such wonderful ladies on the board with me this year…they are all amazing women and stampers.   FEATURED PRODUCTS: {Read More…}

Hanging’ with my Gnomies

 Hello friends…today is Tuesday and we are almost to Ottawa…we've taken a bit of a scenic root along the way and for sure taken more time than was necessary but we've managed to have some fun with the kids on our drive instead of rushing it. I have to admit, I'm not much of a {Read More…}

Send me Soaring by Carol Nordquist

We are still on our way back to Ottawa today and if all has gone according to plan, we are halfway there. I can't believe that we've managed to pack everything…I really hope the weather cooperates with us on the way home. Today's card was made by Carol Norquist and I just love how's she's {Read More…}

Love & Laughter card by Susan Patterson

Well we are on our road trip back to Ottawa now and if all is going well we should be in Minneapolis having fun at the Mall of America. We are taking a bit of a longer way home as we want to stop in at some sites that we've never been and Mall of {Read More…}

Take It to Heart card by Maxine Conrad

Today's the day…..MOVING DAY!!! Everything is packed and now I'm just hoping that the moving company is quick to load as once they are done we are leaving for our first destination on the way to Ottawa….Grand Forks, ND for a night. I'm hoping that we can get there early enough to go eat dinner {Read More…}

Apothecary Art card by Diana Hoang

Today is Thursday…do you know what that means??? The moving truck comes TOMORROW!!! We have so many boxes and my stamp stuff is almost finished being packed. Today is a crazy day so this post will be short! This beautiful card was made by Diana Hoang and is absolutely stunning in real life! The Apothecary {Read More…}

P.S I Love You card by Jann McCollom

Happy Wednesday…today I'm starting to panic a bit….only 2 more days till the moving truck!! We still have quite alot to do, but, my husband assures me we'll be "fine"! I guess, one way or another, we have to ready!! Today's card is a super simple and easy card made by Jann McCollom who traded cards {Read More…}