Frame Gift Bundle

Framed pictures are always a holiday hit! The Framed Gift Bundle (124075) offers a fast and affordable way to frame pictures of your family or other memories this holiday season. PLUS you'll get it for 20% off! This frame is beautiful in person and bigger than it looks! This bundle includes the Definitely Decorative Chunky {Read More…}

Very Vintage with Stencils!

I've been playing around for a while with the Decor Elements product line, including the stencils, which I love as they provide so many possibilities.  There's a new Decor Elements catalogue now available which includes a bunch of new pieces. Check out the new catalogue: as a PDF through my store The last stencil I {Read More…}

My beautiful bathroom!

I decorated my bathroom before Christmas and forgot to share. I used the "Tree, Thoughts & Prayers" and "Directions of Your Dreams" from the Decor Elements brochure. I used the large tree and the medium saying. I love how simple it is to change a whole room with just some simple Vinyl Wall Art! We {Read More…}

My new treats bucket

While I was at my Founder's Circle Trip, we were supplies 24-7 with candy in the hospitality room. Of course, I couldn't help myself every day going to enjoy all the yummies. I decided on my way home that I had to do a mini version of it in my stamp room. So, I used {Read More…}

ABC of the new Catalogue!!! Letter F

Welcome to the new catalogue ABC’s!  Today’s letter is F for All in the Family More Decor Elements today! The "All in the Family" Decor Elements are to die for!!! I bought "my family" and will be putting them on my Van…I can’t wait!  In the Definetely Decorative Brochure, you will find them on page 27…they are featured on a bulletin {Read More…}

Finally: My Decor Elements are up + Tutorial!

It was really fun and easy to do-I was actually impressed that with the help of my 8 yr. old daughter, we did it without messing it up. Putting things on walls, isn’t really my strong point, just ask my hubby! 🙂   I started with just the "CREATE" one, and before putting it up decided I should {Read More…}