Some fun family photos…

We've had alot going on at home in the past couple of months, disney, a birthday party for Kyla who turned 12, a field trip to providence point in Lanark, a field trip to the Children's festival at the Ottawa War Museum…I thought I'd share a few of our pictures!

Here's a cute photo of the kids at Disney:

For Kyla's birthday party, we decided to do a pool theme….even though the weather wasn't the greatest, the girls still decided to go in the pool. Here's the cake I made, I'm definetely far from professional, but, Kyla loved it and that's all that counted.

Here's the birthday girl:

Here's a  couple of pictures from the Children's Festival, they had amazing face painting:

I hope you've enjoyed seeing a glimpse of my family, I'll share more stamping in the next day or 2!!

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  1. I love the idea of the piercing tool, but I have no idea how to use it. Also, I get soo jealous of these BOGO events, as I live in the middle of nowhere and can never participate!!

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