Let me tell you a story…..

It's the story of a mom who's been a Stampin' Up! demonstrator for over 11 years. Who's three children (ages 13, 12 and 6) have grown up not ever knowing life without seeing glitter all around them and who don't have Hallmark as part of their vocabluary.

Who's 2 daughters have loved learning how to stamp along with her throughout the years and who love to make cards for birthday parties for their friends.

A mom who's son has never taken much interest in the whole thing…other than maybe punching shapes here and there.

Well let's fast forward to last weekend….where her son say's…."Can I come to the Vendor Show with you?"

Of course, you've probably guessed already….the mom is me and yes, my 12 year old son did really want to come to the Baby Vendor Show with me.

So, off we went, with me not knowing how he would do or whether he would last the day. These vendor shows are long and can be quite exhausting.

Well…here's what happened…..

The Baby Show OttawaApparently my son is a ROCK STAR and has no fear of talking to people and can last a whole day. He LOVED every minute of it. When the ladies would get close to my booth, he would say: "excuse me" and once they looked at him…he would start telling them about my draw and my upcoming classes.

The Baby Show OttawaI don't think one person ignored him or said no to him. He must have been told over 100 times how great of a sales person he is. For those of who you complimented him….THANK YOU FOR HELPING HIM WITH HIS SELF-CONFIDENCE.

So, all this to say….I love having this business that shows me my kids amazing strenghts. It was so great to "work" along side my son at this show and if you ever see me at a vendor show….make sure stop by and say "hi" to my son….cause he'll for sure be with me from now on!

Thanks Stampin' Up! for helping me teach my children!




  1. What a great story Josee! Your son just needed the right venue to show his true talents…well done both of you!

  2. awesome! you taught him well

  3. I love your story! It says a lot about what a great mom you are… Your son is so cute and I love the idea that he wanted to go with you. Most boys his age would do just about anything to NOT be seen with their mother. Bravo to you and Stampin' Up!

  4. Thanks Jane…I am pretty lucky to have a son who loves me still and wants to spend time with me…I hope that won’t change any time soon!


  5. Thanks! It’s neat to see that they do learn from us…even when we don’t realize it.


  6. Thanks Sareeta! 🙂

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