I’m back….

It's official, I now live in Winnipeg, MB. It feels really weird to live in a new city and province. We've slept 2 nights now in our new house. I absolutely LOVE this house, it'll be much better though when I get a lawn and finish up unpacking the boxes. I have the kids rooms done and the kitchen and living room almost done. I still have alot to do but, I'm feeling ok.

My husband started his new job today so it means we are stuck at home with our mud yard. I'm still waiting for our cars to be shipped and we've only rented 1 car.

I haven't stamped in while now, and I'm definitely going through withdrawal. I'm going to try and get a temporary stamp room finished by the end of the week. I need some space!!! My basement here is not finished yet and probably won't be for months until we see if the floor settles. (Apparently this is a normal thing of Manitoba). For now, I will make up a space and buy some area rugs and some fabric for the walls to make it seem nice.

My kids have already met some kids on our street, thankfully there's a TON of kids. We live on a cul-de-sac and the people seem really great!

Since I'm not having any classes for now, I've decided to do a MOVING SALE!

From today till September 6th, I'm going to have a FREE SHIPPING SALE on all orders over $50.

How to order:

-Order through my ONLINE STORE  and I'll send you a cheque in the mail for the difference. (I cannot discount through the online store)
-Email or call me with your order and pay through credit card or paypal invoice.

I have tons of samples to share this week and next, so, make sure you check daily!


  1. Welcome to Winnipeg!! I can't wait to meet you and finally experience a Josee class.

  2. Welcome to "Friendly Manitoba" Josee.  I live in Brandon.  I hope you love Winnipeg and I hope that I can see you sometime at an SU event.  Best wishes as you organize and design your craft room.

  3. I hope you will love it in your home and town! Changing province is something. Things we take for granted are not always the same! This is great that their is a lot of kids close to your new house. I hope you will have a "stamping fix" soon : )

  4. Lindsay S. says:

    Welcome to Winnipeg Josee! I live in Winnipeg too. I look forward to meeting you some day.

  5. Hi Josee!  Welcome to Winnipeg!  Congrats on your accomplishments, including the move! 

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